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Sinkhole in Guatemala

Have you seen the sinkhole in Guatemala? Can you even imagine? One minute you’re eating breakfast, the next you’re 100 feet underground. Luckily, the three story building was a factory that had closed for the evening. Crazy! The geologists don’t … Continue reading

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Volcano in Iceland

There are some pretty incredible pictures in this article on the National Geographic website of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. I can’t imagine being near all that smoke and ash. People in towns nearby had to be evacuated due to … Continue reading

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Get ready for Earth Day!

Next Thursday is Earth Day, so why not get a head start? Throughout the week I’ll give you some no fail tips that will save the planet (just a bit). Tip 1: Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not … Continue reading

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Amazing what you can find when doing reference

I was answering a reference question for someone on migratory habits of penguins and I found this AMAZING video! Man, that BBC finds some amazing things, don’t they?

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Smashing Atoms is COOL!

A friend of mine sent me this article and I thought it was amazing that while we are going about our daily lives scientists are doing this! This is wild! Scientists have been working for years on this Large Hadron … Continue reading

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Resolutions again…

Resolution 3: Read a book that I would never normally consider. I’m a fantasy, melancholy, comic book/manga kinda girl. I normally wouldn’t consider picking up a non-fiction just cause. I hardly even wanted to pick them up for school, let … Continue reading

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Yay for octopi!

I found this article about an octopus who loves his Mr. Potato head so much that when his caretakers try and take it from him he gets mean. Here it is! Its got a great picture too! 🙂 I showed … Continue reading

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