Show some Churchville-Chili Pride!

Definitely be proud of the school district today. They took that extra step to make sure that students are free of cyber-bullying a little bit longer. The article was in

CHURCHVILLE, NY – The Churchville-Chili School District helped bring down a Facebook page bullying girls at the high school.
A student or students set up a page on Monday. The district learned of the page Tuesday and by Thursday afternoon they had convinced Facebook to shut it down.
Parents say having a page like this up for even a short time is harmful.
“Statistics say one out of every five kids under the age of 8th grade are bullied online,” Lynn Fulmore said. “That’s a lot of kids and unfortunately we see it often. We’ve been to many districts in the county and it’s a problem everywhere.”
As a parent of a Churchville-Chili student Fulmore wants to see cyber-bulling stopped. Through her company Epic Trainings she’s worked with the district and others to fight this type of bullying.
She said the district did the right thing to ask Facebook to remove the page.
An anonymous student put degrading captions below pictures of several Churchville-Chili girls.
They used bad names, commented on their weight and even accused them of sexual activities.
Most people who visited the sight turned on the page creator – not the girls.
“It’s a good thing it is,” Fulmore said. “What’s bad is that the curiosity brought them to view the sight, but what’s good is that they’re supporting the girls.”
Churchville-Chili blocks social networks like Facebook from school computers.
This year they added cyber-bullying into it’s code of conduct.
It’s a step to stop this type of abuse, but Fulmore says districts can’t fight this alone and parents must work together.
Churchville-Chili isn’t the only school tackling this issue. Many schools in Monroe County have rules against cyber-bullying.
In extreme cases, the police and other authorities can also get involved.


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