Book Review: Willow by Julia Hoban

Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m almost done listening to this and its so so so intense. The main character, Willow, has lost her parents in a car accident. What makes matters even harder is that she was driving the car at the time. The only way she finds she can deal with it is by cutting. She doesn’t think anyone can understand her pain and the only way she can deal with the agony is by blotting it out with the horrible physical pain she gets when cutting.
Then she meets Guy and her whole world is turned upside down. She doesn’t know what to feel anymore and she’s not sure she likes how she feels because its not pain, its pleasure…
I’m not done with it yet, but I’m on the last cd and I don’t think my opinion is going to change much at then end. I’ll let you know…

If you are a cutter, I found this great website called This site looks great because it doesn’t give an opinion one way or the other. It just gets information on there so that you can make your own opinion.

Here’s some more information about the website:

This site is one of many self-injury sites. It started as an attempt on my part to contribute my voice and my opinions in the then growing awareness of self-injury. To use my voice to say that self-injurers are valid individuals and that they are more than a label. To say that and so much more when others were not able or not ready to. It was also a place to provide information and support to other self-injurers. To let others know that they are not alone in their struggle and that there is someone out there willing to listen and who shares their feelings.

Those that visit this site and send feedback are the main reason it has grown so large. They were the reason that every new section that was added over the years was added, they were the reason it kept running. And they are the reason that this site will keep on running in the future.

This site is not pro-self-injury. Neither is it anti-self-injury. It is a place where people are meant to feel able to express themselves without censure. I believe that it alienates more than it helps when someone goes “Self-injury is bad” because some people are not ready to stop. They should not be forced.


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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