Tomorrow is Halloween!

But that hasn’t stopped us from partying today! We’re all dressed up and only one place to go… the library! We’ve got pirates, ghosts and cowboys here today… oh and an adorable little teddy bear just arrived!

Still trying to figure out your costume? Why not come to the library and get some ideas? We’ve got books about costumes people have worn throughout history, as well as books about costumes you can make on your own. We should even have some books to give you makeup ideas for painting your face!

391 – Costumes / fashion / native dress

World costumes : with 16 plates in colour and one hundred and forty-two pages of drawings
by Angela Bradshaw
391 B812w

A pictorial history of costume; a survey of costume of all periods and peoples from antiquity to modern times including national costume in Europe and non-European countries
by Wolfgang Bruhn and Max Tilke
391 B892p

Costume history and style
by Douglas A. Russell
391.009 R962c

The complete history of costume & fashion : from ancient Egypt to the present day
by Bronwyn Cosgrave
391.00962 C834c

646.478 – Costume making

Halloween costumes
Singer sewing reference library (You’ll have to know how to sew/have a sewing machine)
646.478 H193

by Clare Beaton
Presents seven fully detailed ideas for costumes that can be created at a very minimal cost.
j646.4 BEA (Children’s)

Make costumes! : for creative play
by Priscilla Gorman Hershberger
Presents step-by-step instructions for making a variety of garments using easy-to-find supplies.
j646.4 HER (Children’s)

745.5 – Face Painting
All of the following are in the children’s room.

The Grolier kidscrafts funny face book
by Marion Elliot and Belinda Hodson
Provides instructions for applying makeup and creating matching headgear for a variety of characters using cardboard, fabric, and other readily available materials.
j745.5 ELL

Five-minute faces
by Snazaroo
Presents step-by-step techniques for creating face-painting designs for parties, outings, or fund-raising events.
j745.5 FIV

Painting faces
by Suzanne Haldane
Text and photographs introduce painted faces from various cultures and countries. Includes directions that children can follow for painting some of them.
j745.5 HAL


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