Suicidal Planet!

I just read this article on Yahoo news about a SUICIDAL PLANET! According to the article the planet is so close and so large that its on a suicide course towards its nearest star. The article says that “The result: an ever-closer tango of death, with the planet eventually spiraling into the star.” Terrifying, isn’t it? Unfortunately for us, unless you’ve perfected an anti-aging serum that is out of this world 😛 the planet still has another million years to live.
To learn more, you can read the whole yahoo article here.
Or why not check out the Project WASP website? According to the site:

The UK Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) is a collaborative project involving several UK universities. We have constructed two SuperWASP telescopes (pictured right) capable of surveying the entire sky several times each night. Our primary aim is the discovery of extra-solar planets using the transit method. We also aim to discover transient and moving optical objects such as gamma-ray bursts and potentially-dangerous Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). The WASP data set will build into an invaluable resource for all-sky time-domain astrophysics.


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