Michael Jackson Dies

I guess you’d have to be living under a stone not to know that Michael Jackson passed away yesterday of cardiac arrest. There’s an article on CNN’s website with more information about Michael and what kept him in the spotlight, not all very positive. If you want even more information, or you’d like to check out some of Michael’s music, you can search on the catalog here.

Here’s one of my (and many other people’s) favorite Michael Jackson songs:


If you like that AND you like Star Wars, you need to check this one out:


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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One Response to Michael Jackson Dies

  1. ViktoryiaN says:

    I´ve heard about it tomorrow from a friend, switched on Tv and since then all I could here and read was about the death of this amazing star and a very interesting person.
    It´s sad…

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