Don’t forget to enter the photo contest!

Remember that you can enter your photos for the Second Annual Photo Contest up until May 15! Get more information here. Its practically painless and you get to share your artistic prowess with the WORLD! … well maybe not the world, but maybe a whole bunch of people.

So far, we’ve had a couple of entries, which you can check out here!

Good luck! And remember, you don’t know unless you try!

Here’s some books to check out:

Digital photographer’s handbook
by Tom Ang
775 A581d

Suitable for all level of techniques, this is the ultimate photographic handbook for the 21st century! This handbook encourages traditional photographers to experiment with new technology while inspiring experienced users to reach new heights. Readers learn how to get the most out of this new technology that’s transforming the world of photography. From improving casual snapshots to learning the secrets of lighting, composition, and digital image manipulation, this book provides a practical, yet in-depth approach on producing better photographs. The Digital Photographer’s Handbook includes comprehensive information on the most up-to-date equipment, software, and accessories.

Digital photography for teens
by Marc Campbell and Dave Long
NEW YA 775 C189d

Don’t be fooled by the title. Digital Photography for Teens doesn’t make a half-hearted attempt at teaching the fundamentals of digital photography. It doesn’t stop at the basics and it doesn’t assume that as a teen, you aren’t capable of tackling advanced topics. Instead, it focuses on the things that teens want to get out of digital photography. Photography is a technical field, and this book covers numerous aspects of shooting great photographs. Each chapter builds upon skills developed in the previous chapters, following the natural process of digital photography: setting up the shot, taking the picture, transferring it to your computer, editing it, and prepping it for the screen or print. If you’re ready to progress beyond snapping simple pictures, then your journey starts here!

Shooting digital : pro tips for taking great pictures with your digital camera
by Mikkel Aaland
778.3 A112s

From Goodreads:
A digital camera is functionally identical to a traditional film camera in all respects except image storage, right? Not at all, and Mikkel Aaland shows exactly why in his excellent Shooting Digital. He shows why digital cameras–the point-and-shoot variety as well as fancier models meant for professional photographers–are overall neither better nor worse than cameras of older design, and goes on to show you how to take advantage of their special traits. He shows how to compensate for their shortcomings, too, notably shutter lag (for which he documents a useful testing procedure) and color fringing. Though there’s some coverage of creating animated GIFs, this book generally sticks to shooting time and leaves editing to other volumes.
Aaland never forgets that digital cameras should be more cameras than digital, and his book serves as an excellent photography text for hobbyists and aspiring professionals. The author’s advice in this area is both technical (how to light a still life and how to best a strobe to eliminate shadows) and artistic (why kids should be encouraged to photograph other kids, and how you can use perspective to create weird effects). He’s an accomplished photographer who obviously loves his work, and his enthusiasm for making art with a camera–and, for that matter, just playing with one–come through brilliantly. –David Wall
Topics covered: Photography–of objects, people, places, action, nature, and other subjects–as accomplished with a modern digital camera. Emphasis falls on the relationship between camera and subject, as defined by focus, lighting, composition, and motion. Further attention goes to image manipulation accomplished via camera settings (like white balance and exposure, and, a little bit, to post-shoot processing with image software. There’s also nice coverage of the differences among various image file formats.

Digital photo madness : 50 weird & wacky things to do with your digital camera
by Thom Gaines
YA 775 G142d

Kids are crazy for digital photography: it’s hip and it offers instant gratification. With this appealing, irreverent companion to The Kids’ Guide to Digital Photography, children 10 years and up can go wild with the new technology. It explains everything a kid needs to know about digital photography, from using the camera to coordinating it with the computer, printer, and scanner to manipulating the images. Budding photographers can explore such fun topics as Cool Shots; Simple Photo Manipulations; Color Your World; Combining Photos; Majorly Manipulated; and Funky Photos. Then, armed with this knowledge, they can dive right into 50 cool, inventive activities and turn their friends into aliens, make a Warhol-esque pop art masterpiece, and create a “trapped-in-the-computer” screen saver!


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