Today is Earth Day!

Not that you shouldn’t celebrate the earth everyday or try to take care of the earth everyday, but today is Earth Day!  According to Wikipedia,

Earth Day is celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. This date is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

What kinds of things do you think you would do to celebrate Earth Day?
How about trying some of these things:

  1. join a local cleanup crew to help and clean up your neighborhood
  2. recycle more or being more conscience of the paper/plastic/electricity you are using
  3. write a Earth Day poem and emailing it to me so I can put it up on our blog
  4. take pictures of  beautiful places around Chili and then enter them into the Second Annual Photo Contest
  5. read some books that let you know how to take care of the environment

Here are some of those books!

Worldchanging : a user’s guide for the 21st century
edited by Alex Steffen
333.7 W927w

Worldchanging is poised to be the Whole Earth Catalog for this millennium. Written by leading new thinkers who believe that the means for building a better future lie all around us, Worldchanging is packed with the information, resources, reviews, and ideas that give readers the tools they need to make a difference.
Each chapter offers readers new answers to key questions, such as:
Why does buying locally produced food make sense?
What steps can I take to influence my workplace toward sustainability?
How do I volunteer, advocate, and give more effectively?

The green book : the everyday guide to saving the planet one simple step at a time
by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen
333.72 R725g

Inside The Green Book, find out how you can too:
– Don’t ask for ATM receipts. If everyone in the United States refused their receipts, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long, or enough to circle the equator fifteen times!
– Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. You’ll conserve up to five gallons of water per day. Throughout the entire United States, the daily savings could add up to more water than is consumed every day in all of New York City.
– Get a voice-mail service for your home phone. If all answering machines in U.S. homes were replaced by voice-mail services, the annual energy savings would total nearly two billion kilowatt hours. The resulting reduction in air pollution would be equivalent to removing 250,000 cars from the road for a year!

Disappearing world : 101 of the earth’s most extraordinary and endangered places
by Alonzo C. Addison
333.95 A225d

A tour of selected endangered natural and cultural sites profiles each for their extraordinary natural attributes, the human-driven and natural disasters that are threatening them, and the restoration efforts that are preserving some.

MySpace OurPlanet : change is possible
by the MySpace community ; with Jeca Taudte
YA 640 T224m

You can change the world. Here’s how.
Our climate is changing and human actions are the cause. Maybe you don’t know why, or what to do about it. We do. In fact, we wrote a book about it (this book, the one in your hands). We’ll harness your green intentions and push you beyond turning off the AC every once in a while. It’s all in here: how to keep the planet healthy, facts and info, real-life stories, suggestions and challenges, and eco-tips from MySpace users around the globe.


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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