Ask our President questions that are really important to you

When I logged onto Facebook last night, I saw a video from our president on my feed. Of course I watched it right away! He spoke about how he wants to make use of Internet technology to find out what people are really concerned about.

You can learn more by going on the White House website, which is here, but before you do, here’s a taste of what he wants you to do:

Today, the President invited everyone to use a new feature on called “Open for Questions” to ask a question about the economy and rate other questions up or down. Then, on Thursday morning, the President will conduct a special online town hall on the economy and answer some of the most popular questions and the event will be streamed on

When I created an account (which you need to do in order to see the questions) I was given more details:

Open for Questions
Terms of Participation
March 24—26, 2009

We invite you to participate in Open for Questions. During this special event, participants of all ages may post questions to the President about the economy on Participants will also be able to rate the questions and the President will answer some of the most popular ones. hopes to receive questions and opinions from all viewpoints. Open for Questions will be a community-moderated event in order to retain focus on the designated topic and to ensure that the event remains appropriate for participants of all ages. Accordingly, asks all participants to agree to the following Terms of Participation:

You agree to post only questions related to the economy (including topics essential to long term economic growth, such as education, fiscal responsibility, green jobs and energy, health care reform, and home ownership).

If you wish to ask the President a question, but do not want to participate in this special event, please visit Questions submitted through this alternative will be reviewed and may be answered by the President.

Why not participate? As citizens of the United States, you are just as valuable as adults, which means your questions should be just as important too. Don’t feel comfortable posting your questions on the White House website? Why not post them here, or post questions here that you think adults SHOULD be asking. This is your country. Why not be a part of the process rather than watching from the sidelines?


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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