I knew it!

Spring isn’t here. According to weather reports, its going to snow again today. Want to know how they decide these things? Ever consider becoming a meteorologist?
Here’s a site with a list of colleges you can go to throughout the United States to find out!

Here are some books to learn more about… WEATHER!

Exploring the sky by day : the equinox guide to weather and the atmosphere
by Terence Dickinson
551.5 D553e

Exploring the Sky by Day offers fascinating insight into such phenomena as lightning, the 10 types of clouds, storms, solar haloes, sundogs, and sunsets. Brought to life with dozens of photographs and the color illustrations of John Bianchi the book provides an excellent introduction to weather and the atmosphere.

A field guide to the atmosphere
text and photos. by Vincent J. Schaefer and John A. Day ; drawings by Christy E. Day
551.5 S294f

More than 400 photographs and line drawings illustrate every kind of atmospheric phenomenon: clouds of every type; storms, from cloudbursts to hurricanes; and sky colors.

Fodor’s world weather guide
by E. A. Pearce and C. G. Smith
551.5 P359f

Do you need a sweater in Barcelona in January?
Should you pack an umbrella for Nova Scotia in August?
How’s the humidity in Cairo in May?
Business travelers and tourists alike know what difference being prepared for weather can make. Now Fodor’s World Weather Guide makes looking up a region’s weather easier than ever. At-a-glance regional weather charts for over 200 countries are easy to read and chock-full of the information you need:
monthly average and record temperatures
relative humidity — and the average level of discomfort from heat and humidity
hours of sunshine each day
number of wet days each month
Also included are weather station maps, a glossary of specialist weather terms, and articles on world climates and global warming.
Arranged in easy-to-use A-Z format by country, with an index listing over 2,000 travel destinations worldwide.

Blame it on the weather : amazing weather facts
by David Phillips, Michael Parfit, Suzanne Chisholm
551.5 P558b

Little wonder we are interested in the weather — it’s one thing we have little control over. In this delightful, humorous and informative look at the air above, many of the common questions about weather phenomena are answered, fascinating moments in weather history are described, and weather folklore and trivia are explored.


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