Fourth Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival

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The Fourth Annual Teen Book Festival will be here in 51 days on:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

TBF will be held at:

Nazareth College
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

About The Festival:

It is FREE and open to everyone, but seating preference will be given to teens at all author sessions!

Books will be available, but you can also get an official TBF T-Shirt for your favorite authors’ autographs!

Our Mission is to foster a community effort to celebrate and
promote reading by connecting teens and authors.

Your to-do list for TBF Live:

* Meet all of your favorite or soon-to-be-favorite authors
* Author presentations run all day
* Listen to music by local teen bands
* A special autographing session at the end of the day
* Hang out with your friends and other teens who like reading
* TBF merchandise on sale throughout the day
* Join us for books, prizes, pizza, and fun!

Why a Teen Book Festival?

Teens can sometimes be overlooked in libraries, with much attention, money, and resources given to children and adults. Somewhat caught in the middle of budgetary constraints, this is our opportunity to dedicate an event to teens, to encourage their reading, and to demonstrate their value to and within our communities. And…to have fun!

The goals of the Teen Book Festival are to:

* Have fun!
* Connect teen readers to award-winning authors.
* Entertain, educate, and enrich teens and other Festival participants.
* Encourage interaction between aspiring writers and established authors.
* Socially bring together teens who enjoy reading and to spread that enjoyment to others.
* Support, promote, and celebrate recreational teen reading.
* Did we mention having fun?

Here’s a list of all the authors and their titles:

Robin Brande
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature HC: 9780375843495
PB, 1/09: 9780440240303

Cinda Williams Chima
Dragon Heir (HC): 9781423110705
Warrior Heir: 9780786839179
Wizard Heir: 9781423104889

Svetlana Chmakova
Dramacon, Volume 1: 9781598161298
Dramacon, Volume 2: 9781598161304
Dramacon, Volume 3: 9781598161311
Dramacon, Ultimate Edition (HC): 9781427813404
Nightschool, Volume 1: 9780759528598

Matt de la Pena
Ball Don’t Lie: 9780385734257
Mexican White Boy (HC): 9780385733106

Jack D. Ferraiolo
The Big Splash (HC): 9780810970670

Sharon Flake
Bang!: 9780786849550
Begging for Change: 9781423103844
Money Hungry: 9781423103868
The Skin I’m In: 9781423103851
Who Am I Without Him?: 9781423103837

Daphne Grab
Alive and Well in Prague, New York (HC): 9780061256707

Tim Green
Baseball Great (HC, 3/24/09): 9780061626869
Football Genius: 9780061122736
Football Hero (HC): 9780061122743
Football Hero (PB, 3/24/09): 9780061122767

Jenny Han
Shug: 9781416909439

Ellen Hopkins
Burned: 9781416903550
Crank: 9780689865190
Glass: (HC): 9781416940906
Identical (HC): 9781416950059
Impulse: 9781416903574

David Levithan
Are We There Yet?: 9780375839566
Boy Meets Boy: 0375832998
How they Met, and Other Stories (HC): 9780375848865
Realm of Possibility: 0375836578
Marly’s Ghost: 9780142409121
Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List: 9780375844416
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist: 9780375846144
Wide Awake: 9780375834677

Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Dairy Queen: 9780618863358
The Off Season: 9780618934935
Princess Ben (HC): 9780618959716

Kenneth Oppel
Airborn: 9780060531829
Darkwing: 9780060850562
Dead Water Zone: 9780061234422
Firewing: 9781416949992
Silverwing: 9781416949985
Skybreaker: 9780060532291
Starclimber (HC, 3/09): 9780060850579
Sunwing: 9781416949978

Linda Sue Park
Archer’s Quest: 9780440422044
Keeping Score (HC): 9780618927999
Kite Fighters: 9780440418139
Project Mulberry: 9780440421634
A Single Shard: 9780440418511
When My Name Was Keoko: 9780440419440

Geno Salvatore
The Stowaway (HC): 9780786950942

Terry Trueman
Cruise Control: 0064473775
Stuck in Neutral: 0064472132
Hurricane: (HC): 006000018X
Inside Out: 0064473767
No Right Turn (HC): 0060574917
7 Days at the Hot Corner (HC): 0060574941
Sheehan: Heartbreak and Redemption (xlibris): 1425762476

David Van Etten (Chris Van Etten, David Levithan, David Ozanich)
A Likely Story (HC): 9780375846762
Likely Story: All that Glitters (HC): 9780375846786

Sara Zarr
Story of a Girl: 9780316014540
Sweethearts HC: 9780316014557;
PB, 01/09: 9780316014564


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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