The Holiday countdown begins now! 24 days…

I thought that in honor of the holidays and especially in honor for you procrastinators out there (don’t worry, I won’t start wrapping presents until Christmas Eve) I would give you some little suggestions for presents you could make for your family or books you could read to pass those long hours until Christmas morning.

So, here it goes! Idea #1:

Knit or crochet a scarf!

Yeah, I know. Its something that your grandmother does. Luckily for you, its not uncool anymore… well, knitting isn’t uncool, but I prefer crocheting, so that’s not uncool either. Another lucky thing is that there are a ton of books out there that can get you started. You may even have a wealth of information that’s just a phone call away! Give your grandmother or one of your aunts a call and ask them to show you how. If you have them help you’ll be making two Christmas presents at once! Two, you might ask? But of course! One for the person that you give the scarf you make and one for your grandma! Can you imagine how happy you’ll make your grandma when you tell her that you want to spend a couple of hours with her learning how to make a scarf? PRICELESS! Plus it will be the best Christmas present ever. For both of you.

Once you get the hang of it, you can teach your friends how to make scarves too. In the dead of winter, when you’re all bored and tired of snow down your back, you can all sit together in the living room and learn how to knit or crochet together.

Maybe, if enough of you learn how to knit or crochet, we can even start a knitting club and knit blankets for preemies or animal shelters. Snacks will of course be provided and maybe we could get people to donate yarn! MAYBE if we get enough people we can knit a scarf to wrap around the world! Okay… maybe that was too many maybes. 🙂

Anywho! Consider learning how to knit or crochet!

Onto the books:

The Chicks with Sticks guide to knitting
by Nancy Queen and Mary Ellen O’Connell

NEW 746.432 Q3c

The chicks with sticks’ guide to crochet
by Nancy Queen and Mary Ellen O’Connell

NEW 746.432 Q3c

Kids knit! : simple steps to nifty projects
by Sarah Bradberry

j746.43 BRA
Please ignore that this is for kids. Its still really good!

If you look in the 746.43 area, you’ll find a lot of other books too.

Also, check out DIY Network. There’s a tv show called Knitty Gritty that has lots of great patterns and videos that you can watch on their website.


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I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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