What to write…

This is always the hardest part of a blog. Trying to figure out what to write in order to keep people interested in what you have to say and to keep people coming back. I could write about what I find interesting, but that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as writing about things that you find interesting. I’m willing to go the extra mile and watch High School Musical 2 or 3 or 4 or however many there are, even though I’d probably rather change dirty diapers than watch those. One was WAY more than enough, thank you very much. If you wanted to, I’d watch the Twilight movie, even though Edward and Caleb DO NOT look like they are supposed to. Bleh. I really can’t bear it. Anyway, let me know what you are interested in, so that I can write about those kinds of things, buy books that you’ll actually read and give programs that you would really come to!

Twilight trailer

BTW, I would LOVE to have a special “Meet your new librarian program” with food and the Wii. That way we can hopefully talk casually about things that you want to do in the future. This is YOUR library remember!

About kitkat

I'm a teen services librarian in Chili (pronounced Chai-Lie) New York with a passion for engaging teens in the love of reading, libraries and having fun!
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